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Funny Photo:- When You’re The Only Undergraduate In Your Village

Can’t stop Laughing…. Saw this on Facebook and I decided to share with you…. See that Trouser sha. Have a Wonderful Week Ahead.

A Letter To My Mates In Primary And Secondary School (Very Funny)

Someone sent this to Us to Post:- 1) To my classmates who refused to tear the middle of their higher Education notebook for me to write a test...

See This Funny Whatsapp Conversation Between A Man And His Plumber

See this Funny Chat between a Man and his Plumber… The guy try sha. God no go give us Stress oooo! Amen… All I sha know is pipe

Photo Of The Day:- See The Most Hilarious Wedding Cake Ever (Photo)

Happy married life!! Lol


How To Find Your Missing Remote Control With Phone Call

In most houses, a lot of people have encountered that frustrating moment when you've to start searching for your TV remote control or DVD remote ...

Check Out 80s Pimped Ferrari Aventador Ride

Gone are the good old days of my Pimped Ferrari Aventador Ride when everything was fun and less worries. The days when there was no terror...

HILARIOUS: See Nigerians Respond To Oba Of Lagos Lagoon Threat To Igbos [PHOTOS]

A lot of people had an opinion about the Oba's comments yesterday and some of them were hilarious. Check out the tweets & memes used to show ...

Goats Chilling And Relas-exing On Top Of Transformer [PHOTOS]

Hilarious scene, this is what happens when there is no electricity. Hopefully things will change someday.

OLD MESSI: Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Plays Football Match To Mark 78th Birthday [PHOTOS]

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo today played a soccer game against the Ogun State Executive Team led by the Governor, to celebrate himself as ...

See What Happens When Your Wife Earns More Than You

Photo Of The Day: When Your Wife Earns More Than You. Aren't they a happy couple? They were spotted somewhere and shared on Twitter.