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LOL! Only In Nigeria You’ll See A School Where Their PE Wear Is Chelsea Fc Jersey [PHOTO]

Nigeria,  i hail thee. There are some hilarious things that can only happen in Nigeria. Example is the above. What's your take on this?

“My Boyfriend And I Went To Church After S*x” — Sermon That Touches The Heart [FUNNY]

My boyfriend and I drove to church one Sunday. I had gone to his house on Friday from work; I hadn’t visited him for a very long time. Gosh...

EXPOSED: Ten (10) Things That Youths In Church Are Guilty Of

As A Youth, Which Of These Are You Guilty Of In The Church 1. When the pastor starts preaching against fornication and promiscuity and you are...

What Most Dudes Are Guilty Off

EXPOSED:- LADIES: See What Most Dudes Are Guilty Of! [MUST READ]

1. A lady told you she will be coming to pay you a visit, only for you to quickly dash to a mallam's place to buy Gold circle Condom in case of i...


LOL! Nigerians Pushing A BRT BUs [SEE PHOTO]

Lagosians.. I hail thee!It's Only in Lagos you will find dedicated Nigerians pushing a bus bigger than them.This happened at Eko bridge around 6:...


CNN MISTAKE: Are U.S Hospitals Ready For BOLA?

No one is above mistake.. We all do!


Shameless Nigerian Policemen Exposed Online [SEE PHOTOS]

That is why these guys can't do without extorting members of the public at the slightest opportunity. See more ph()tos when you continue: Can we...


Four (4) Most Popular Ways Of Couple Sleeping [MUST SEE]

Lol.. So true, no matter what in every 4 of it the couple always attached to each other with no losing...See the pix when you continue below: Do...


See Hilarious Moment Woman Unknowingly Licks BIRD POO Off Ice Cream [PHOTO]

They say it's a sign of good luck if a bird drops a bomb of poo on your head. But try telling that to hapless Julie Bresnan, who got a mouthful o...


Lot Of People Prefer Having HIV Than Ebola [MUST READ]

Before now most people were discriminating against people living with HIV/AIDS and no one ever prayed to have it. But now it seems a lot of peop...