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How To Find Your Missing Remote Control With Phone Call

In most houses, a lot of people have encountered that frustrating moment when you've to start searching for your TV remote control or DVD remote ...

Check Out 80s Pimped Ferrari Aventador Ride

Gone are the good old days of my Pimped Ferrari Aventador Ride when everything was fun and less worries. The days when there was no terror...

HILARIOUS: See Nigerians Respond To Oba Of Lagos Lagoon Threat To Igbos [PHOTOS]

A lot of people had an opinion about the Oba's comments yesterday and some of them were hilarious. Check out the tweets & memes used to show ...

Goats Chilling And Relas-exing On Top Of Transformer [PHOTOS]

Hilarious scene, this is what happens when there is no electricity. Hopefully things will change someday.

OLD MESSI: Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Plays Football Match To Mark 78th Birthday [PHOTOS]

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo today played a soccer game against the Ogun State Executive Team led by the Governor, to celebrate himself as ...

See What Happens When Your Wife Earns More Than You

Photo Of The Day: When Your Wife Earns More Than You. Aren't they a happy couple? They were spotted somewhere and shared on Twitter.


LOL! Only In Nigeria You’ll See A School Where Their PE Wear Is Chelsea Fc Jersey [PHOTO]

Nigeria,  i hail thee. There are some hilarious things that can only happen in Nigeria. Example is the above. What's your take on this?

“My Boyfriend And I Went To Church After ” — Sermon That Touches The Heart [FUNNY]

My boyfriend and I drove to church one Sunday. I had gone to his house on Friday from work; I hadn’t visited him for a very long time. Gosh...

EXPOSED: Ten (10) Things That Youths In Church Are Guilty Of

As A Youth, Which Of These Are You Guilty Of In The Church 1. When the pastor starts preaching against fornication and promiscuity and you are...

What Most Dudes Are Guilty Off

EXPOSED:- LADIES: See What Most Dudes Are Guilty Of! [MUST READ]

1. A lady told you she will be coming to pay you a visit, only for you to quickly dash to a mallam's place to buy Gold circle Condom in case of i...