Nollywood stars are venturing into hard core p*rn*graphic roles and The internet ‘YouTube’ is one avenue used by these desperate, and ‘must make money’ producers to ensure such movies reach as wide an audience as possible.

This one is titled ”Destructive Instinct 3 & 4” And Parental ADVISORY is strongly Advised.

“Destructive Instinct” stars Nigerian Controversial Singer-Cum-Actress Judith Afrocandy Opara Mazagwu. the 34 year old mother of 2 is majorly involved in some high definition X-Rated scenes, In most scenes She’s having s-ex stark n*ked.

Like you can see in the picture above revealing her ass and b00bs been Grabbed and you can almost see the penetration.

Nollywood has gone haywire. It seems roles in the movie industry are no longer interesting and fulfilling as Nigeria actors and actresses have now graduated from displaying their talent in soft p()rn to Hardcore p()rnography. this is currently attracting widespread condemnation from a very large number of movie enthusiasts. VIEWERS DISCRETION IS STRNGLY ADVISED… Watch Destructive Instinct 3 & 4 Trailer below;
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