A group of men attacked a woman who was dressed in a mini skirt. The men attacked the woman claiming that shewas dressed inappropriately.

The woman was spotted walking on the street in Kitengela, a town in Kenya.
The angry mob claimed the dress was too short.They argued with the woman to change into something more appropriate.

When the womanignored their request the men attacked her andundressed her.
The men then ripped her clothing apart so she could not put them back on, claiming that ” it was better for her to go n*k-*d because her intentions were clear,” according to press reports in Kenya.

According to a witness, the crowd gathered around the woman and forcibly undressed her. Her clothes were torn and thrown away ensuring that she had nothing to cover her bodyas a punishment for dressing provocatively.

“Most women in the town of Kitengela, dress modestly, and everyone is expected to adhere to their standards,” Aminah Wangai, 62, said.

Many people gathered to watch as the drama unfolded.
The woman was left on the floor with nothing to cover her body. A Good Samaritan who witnessed the incident offered the woman a long dress so she could go home.

The victim’s mothers was warned not to let her daughter leave the house without her approval,according to press reports in Kenya.
Source: Daily Post Kenya