I’m a man of 34 years and I met a lady of about 32 not long ago. When I proposed to this lady, she told me that she had a guy she was dating but couldn’t understand him because of the way he behaved most times. She said a lot of bad qualities of this guy.

Consequently she gave me a chance which I thought was reasonable based on what she told me about that guy! We started calling, pinging and she told me virtually everything about her life and past relationship and her sour experience with men. This endeared me to her and I regularly visit her regularly at her place of work to the extent that her co-worker knew who I was though she hadn’t had d opportunity of visiting me at work because of herschedule of work.

Later, as d love became deeper she insisted that she would know where I live which I obliged so that she wouldn’t think I’m a spirit. Then, d relationshipp was about a month old.But I wouldn’t want to let her know my social and financial status because I work in a reputable company and wouldn’t want to use that to impress her. I want her to believe I live an average life. So, in October 2012, I took her to my younger brother’s place which is a room and parlour face-me-I-face-u building.

I wanted to know her reaction if she truly loved me as she claimed but she was look-warm the day when she came to my suppose home. I noticed this and asked her but she told me that she wasn’t feeling fine, that she had malaria. She spent like 2 hrs with me and she left without even sitting beside her. Later I called her to know if she has got home and she picked my call but her response was depressing.

I thought it was fatigue and I encouraged her to take things easy, so d day went. Later the following day, I called her on phone and she told me that I should give her a break. I was amazed and dazed! Later I begged and pestered her and she now came up with some allegations that: 1 I’m too tough on her, 2 that I pester her too much, 3 that I get annoyed with her quickly, 4 that she doesn’t think I’m the best man for her and a lot of purported and spurious allegations. I was dump founded and I started begging her.

She told me that I should give her some time to sort things out with her guy and after that she would let me know. I equally accepted and d day went again. She wouldn’t call or ping as she used to do before and I called her the following day but she told me she is no longer interested in me again, that she preferred her former guy to me. When I heard this, I felt d life has come to an end! I started begging and begging but she wouldn’t change her mind! I really love this lady and I don’t know why!

Pls what can I do because I know I’ve fallen completely in love with her. I still keep loving her day by day and I don’t know why! I tried to stop this but I couldn’t help it.

Pls I sincerely need ur advice because I feel empty and dejected. Pls help! What can I do?