Please i beg you in the name of God,help me post this to your readers.

I am 19years of age, am living with my aunt and hubby and kidz(2 little kidz to be precise), my aunt matreat me, but it not a problem to me, because i believe that anyone that will be great most go through one challange or the other, but my biggest problem is that she and her hubby alwayz have s-ex at mid-nite and they are alwayz disturbing and not allowing me to sleep, even though she actually gave me 4:30am to alwayz wake up from sleep.

They alwayz groan at mid-nite when having s-ex, it so loud that there is no night they don’t wake me up.

My room is like 15feet away from there but despite this, they are still disturbing, not just my sleep, anytime. I hear there groanz i also feel like havingc s-ex too and to be frank with you guyz. i’m not yet ready for s-ex, so pls do anyone know any drugz i can use dat will make me sleep for like 5hrz without been interupted? Please and please this sleepless night is affecting my my health i really need your help, God bless you as you comment.