Another Nigerian woman? Yes! Remember A Married Female Bank Manager Who Sent Ünclãd Pictures Of Herself To Her Lover.
According to our source: The woman (married with children) is said to be a high ranking staff of a government parastatal in the Alausa part of Lagos state.Do you readers remember the news that came out some few
weeks ago about a man who openly accused the Lagos state speaker of sleeping with his wife?

Well, the high case of infidelity is now very rampant in that area of Lagos state.But this particular woman specializes in sleeping with ousiders that come to her office for one thing or the other…so far they have the cash!
A source also said she has a penchant for well built and muscular “small boys”.

But that seems to have led to her undoing as she usually sends n-*de pictures to a particular boy…”after her heart”.Unknown to the woman,the boy posted the n-*de pictures in a particular Blacberry group he belonged to but some members of the group leaked the pictures out,and soon the rest of the story would be heard.