Monday, 25 February 2013

Meet Chichi Igbo, A Nigerian Lesbian Football Player In Denmark (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Meet the muscular Chichi Igbo, A Nigerian lesbian Pro Soccer player based in Denmark.

When she is not on the football field, Chichi creates youtube videos and funny enough she has become a youtube sensation.
Watch one of her youtube videos below;
It seems people are more fascinated about her because she is open about her sexuality which is not the case for a lot of gay Nigerians both home and abroad....More of her pics after the cut:


  1. The truth is that most people who engage in same sex usually are not very attractive people. That have noticed.

    When naturally by birth a man looks like a lady, lady looking like chimp? Self esteem issue is related.

  2. she's just a tomboy and not a lesibian.... abi na our sis be her partner? verify before damaaging someone REPUTATION.


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