1. Don’t ever, ever, EVER kick us in the nuts, just to see what we will say, it is mean and totally uncalled for!
2. We like for you to give us hugs and kisses sometimes as well.
3. PLEASE, whatever you do, don’t talk about your happy period, it frightens us!
4. We know you are hot and very pretty, that’s why we are dating you.
5. When we call you beautiful, you don’t have to argue, accept the compliment.
6. Don’t ask us if you can decorate our face with makeup, or paint our nails, it is WRONG and just odd!
7. When we tell you that you are not fat, just believe us. This shouldn’t have to result in a full-fledged battle!

8. We try our best to understand your hormones, but could you try to be less hormonal at times.
9. We are not as perverted as we are thought out to be.
10. We may flirt all the time throughout the day, but when as we fall asleep, we think about the one we truly care about.
11. We love, love, love a girl’s smile.
12. We hate it when you ramble on and on about your ex-boyfriend!
14. When you reply with a “no” to our question, we hear it as a “try again tomorrow, and the next day, and so on…”
15. You have to tell us what you really want, and stop beating around those bushes!
16. You should be extra careful with what you say, for guys can spread gossip a whole heck of a lot faster than you can.
17. If we tell you about a problem, we just want you to listen, we don’t always need your advice.
18. We love girls with brains, that use them to think intelligently, even more than girls with miniskirts….sometimes.
19. We will do ANYTHING to get you to notice us! ANYTHING!
20. We get jealous easily. You don’t believe it? Just try us!
21. We will brag about anything.
22. We learn from experience, not from those romantic books or movies you watch that keep you sobbing into the wee hours of the night.
23. If we look calm and normal on a date, we are probably going bezonkers on the inside!
24. If we say that we have something serious to tell you, you had better listen, because serious talk is not embedded in our nature.
25. You should do things such as perfume and makeup in moderation!

Hope you will take NOTE of all this mistakes!

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