No matter how people chastise individuals who decide to capture s-exual acts in form of videos which eventually end up in the public domain, nothing seems to stop people from indulging in such immoral acts.

The latest to hit is a video of young female SHS students exposing themselves and gladly recording their actions. A number of female Senior High Students who seemed to be having fun in front of their dormitory was recorded by their fellow students dancing half n*k-*d in the open.

The seductive dance went on and on, until one of the girls who has the biggest butts among them decided to intentionally pull her pants down to show her hairy genitalia to the camera. Even though the particular school, this appalling act took place is not immediately known, pictures and voices in the video indicates that, this happened at a female’s dormitory in a mis-ex school or a girl’s school dormitory somewhere in Ghana.