Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Leaked Video Shows Zimbabwean Mum Having Fun With Boyfriend As Her Son Watches (PHOTOS)

According To The ZimDiaspora: An explicit sex video of a Zimbabwean woman having sex in full view of her son has gone viral in Britain. The shocking sex video footage shows a young baby boy entering her mum’s bedroom only to find her mum stark naked on top of her boyfriend having sex.

The boy who seem not to be appalled by the sinful scene, suggesting that he is by now used to it, calls “mum, mum”, but is ignored by the undeterred mum who instead closes her eyes clearly enjoying sex.
The woman is believed to be living in Leeds and in the video; she speaks to her sex partner in indigenous Zimbabwean Ndebele language:

Speaking in Ndebele, the man says:"Sengiphos'ukuqeda [I'm about to finish]."
She briefly stops her activity and asks: "Uthi kunjani? [What did you say?]"

"Ngithi kanti wena awuqedi? Sengiphosa ukuqeda [I'm saying are you not ready to finish? I'm about to finish]," he explains.

A few seconds later, the man groans with satisfaction shortly before the woman gets off from on top of him.
She says ruefully: "Mhh, angiqedanga mina [I didn't finish]."
He reassures her: "Uzabuya usuqeda [You'll finish when you come back]."

She walks away as the video ends – presumably to attend to her son. By Sunday [Jan. 28] afternoon, Zimbabweans from as far afield as South Africa, United States, Canada had seen the video which has stunned the entire Leeds community.

Due to child protection I cannot publish the video.


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