n-*de PICTURES of a Chitungwiza Central Hospital nurse have leaked after the wife of the man she is allegedly having an adulterous affair with found them in their matrimonial house.

Tatenda Mudavanhu who was a beauty therapist in South Africa got the shock of her life when she came across n-*de pictures of her husband’s alleged lover Susan Magutakuwona of House No 4739 Unit C in Chitungwiza on her return. Susan, who is a nurse, is alleged to have gotten into an adulterous affair with Tatenda’s husband, Farai Mudavanhu when Tatenda left the country for South Africa where she had found a job.

“I was in South Africa for three months and when I came back I heard that my husband was having an adulterous affair with this woman. I saw messages in my hubby’s phone and I called her, telling her to leave my husband alone but she said to me ‘SUNGIRA IMBWA YAKO’. I then discovered n-*de pictures of her and confronted my husband about it and he said the woman is engaged with a p()rnographic agency and sends her n-*de pictures there and he apologised to me,” said Tatenda. To add salt to the wound, Tatenda also said that she also saw Susan’s clothes in their matrimonial bedroom.

“I have no doubt that there was something going on between my husband and her when I was away because I also found Susan’s clothes in my house and I suspect that she used to stay at my house. When I told her to come to collect her things, she shouted at me. My husband apologised but I think they are still seeing each other because most of the dialed numbers in his phone belong to her. I’m informed that the woman is married but her husband is not in the country,” said Tatenda.

Tatenda added that she had met Susan and even her mother, telling her to leave her husband. “I have met her and even her mother, tellingher to leave my husband but the conversation was not smooth. My friend even confirmed that she is a staff nurse at Chitungwiza Central Hospital,” she said.

Responding to the allegations, Farai CONFIRMED that he was in possession of the n-*de pictured, but said that he was no longer having an affair with Susan. “Well I used to be in a relationship (adulterous) with Susan a long time ago but it’s over now. A week ago I gave her a lift and she left the n-*de pictures in my car, so when my wife saw them, she then started tothink that I am now going out with Susan (again),” said Farai.

However, Susan denied the allegations.
“I do not know the guy you are talking about. Whoever gave you those pictures should tell you every detail you want to know about me.

I am recording this conversation, and you shall see what I am going to do to you if you ever publish that story,” fumed Susan. Despite her spirited denials that she was thewoman in question, Hmetro moles confirmed she worked at the hospital in the pediatrics ward.

Source : Hmetro