NB: This update is meant for those who have the legal rights to have s-ex)

Push her against the wall, start kissing, place your right hand on her tigh and slowly lift it up till you

could feel her soft ass, while you massage it, slowly then move your hand right to her pu**y area,place your thumb and index finger on her clit,making her clit stay in between them,while massaging her clit your middle finger should be busy driving in and feeling her wet pu**y…ïn a random manner take off her clothes leaving her panties on.

While still kissing her slowly, slowly move her closer to the bed and on getting to the bed gently throw her on it,then pull away from her, go down a bit and pull her panties off, with your wet tongue start licking her juicy pu**y, make her open her legs wide as your tongue kept massaging her clit..then take out an ice cube from the ice cube maker,place it in your mouth then gently spell her name with it on her clit,making sure she grabs the bed sheet continue till she moan at the same time, keep on rubbing it on her clit till she almost push you away, then insert your middle finger into her pu**y and finger her in a slow but romantic manner while your other hand should be tapping on her pointed nipples,then lift her up in a sitting position making her hold on your d*ck and suck it real good like a p()rn star’ make sure she keep on sucking till you cant take it no more.

Then push her to the bed open her legs wide while your hand should lift her left leg up, slowly place your d*ck on her pu**y and push it in gently immediately your D*ck gets in make sure she holds you so close while her leg is still up and let her whisper in your ears saying

“I want you to f*ck me silly”

On hearing this bang her so bad that even the bed too will start singing its own song.. bang her for another 1hr , then lift her up turn her back making her two hands hold the bed rail, push her ass out a bit in a doggy style form with her two br**st falling ask her to take your D*ck in because your hands wouldn’t just allow her falling br**st go free without massaging them, when your d*ck gets into her wet pu**y, immediately start digging her like it was your last s-ex f**k the shit out of her. making her scream.

“I love your d*ck please don’t stop”

Then intensify banging till she cant hold on to the bed rail again then sit down on the couch and make her ride your d*ck while she place one of her nipples in your mouth as she rides, after a while make her ly on the couch faced down then kneel behind her and lick her pu**y from behind till you could fill her juice running out of her pu**y keep on licking it till she make a loud sigh,then turn her face up make her hold onto your d*ck and slowly insert it into her pu**y again but this time just bang keep banging the hell out of her pu**y, making her face full of smiles.

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