Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Wife Wants To Watch Me Sleep With Another Woman

I'm 36 and have been married for seven years.
I love my wife and she loves me too. On one occasion, my wife and I were watching an aduIt movie in our bedroom and she enjoyed watching it. She then later asked that she wanted to see me do it and would love to watch.

I asked her to watch as we made love but she insisted I do it with another woman. She invited her closest friend home for dinner and said I should sleep with her so that she watches. I refused and left the house. Some few weeks later she came back with the friend and offered me a drink unknowingly with a s*x pill.

I later felt out of control and I f*cked both my wife and the friend. My problem is her friend still comes back home and asks me to sleep with her of which I don't want although my wife still insists I do it so that she watches. Before I married her she told me she was once possesed by demons, she assured me they were all gone but I'm now starting to doubt if my wife is normal? Please people, what can do I do?


  1. I guess maybe as u stated above abouh ur wife an demons,mayb the demons are still there,cus i dn't see the reason y a wife should ask her husband 2 hv s*x with her friend.My advice is that you should take her 2 a pastor.NOTE:When i said pastor,i mean a real man of God,so that she will b deliverd if the spirits are still in her...abouh her friend that comes over,ur a man,the man of the stop her from visiting your home,cus ur wife might 1day start thinking dat u have sumthing with her friend,although she was the 1 dat askd 4 be wise and take on ur role as the man of the HOUSE!!!

  2. My wife also wants to watch me have sex with another woman. However we are both very clear that if I ever do that, it would be with a stranger who we will never see again. Even under this condition I have not agreed to do it yet. My concern is that I don't want to start down a slipery slope. This idea is fine but I don't want it to esculate.

    I don't think your wife has any demons. However I think you are correct to say that it should not be a habit.

  3. Send her my way ; )


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