Sunday, 4 November 2012

"I F1ngered My Husband In The Anus And He Really Enjoyed IT!"

The title is disgusting Funny? Right, i thought as much too, dunno what the world is turning to.
This was culled from a Fb Page and i couldn't help but share, i'd love to know what my dear readers think of this.

: Please
I just want to confirm something. Some weeks back I read on google that a man's most sensitive part is the anus so I decided to finger my husband in the ass, at first he didn't ''really allow it but later on he agreed.

For the past two weeks now I have been fingering my husband in the ass and it seems he's enjoying every bit of it. When I say finger, I mean just using my finger to romance the outer of his anus, not putting it in..

But am kind of scared, he really does enjoy it so I was thinking if there is any man out there who enjoys it with a woman too. a scared because am thinking he is gay/bisexual, I know he isn't but the thought keeps flashing through my mind.

I just want to know if its any other girl does it to their man, no pretence please, i just need answers....

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  1. that sounds interesting, but my husband has fear of anything going near his asshole.

  2. My wife fingers me, puts two inside and goes in and out. It is amazing and I'm in no way gay/bi I just love the intimacy of her been inside me and the feeling is incredible.

  3. My wife fingers me all the time and it is great

  4. My girlfriend loves to finger my ass while blowing me! It is the most amazing feeling in the whole world. I am totally straight. Look it up....its super common. Relax1

  5. We have been married for 3 years now and have been slowly experimenting with all the new stuff besides the regular sex. I love playing with my husband's butt and like to pleasure him by putting my finger up his hole. Sometimes he lets me do it just because i want to do it ;)


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