The title is disgusting Funny? Right, i thought as much too, dunno what the world is turning to.
This was culled from a Fb Page and i couldn’t help but share, i’d love to know what my dear readers think of this.

: Please
I just want to confirm something. Some weeks back I read on google that a man’s most sensitive part is the anus so I decided to finger my husband in the ass, at first he didn’t ”really allow it but later on he agreed.

For the past two weeks now I have been fingering my husband in the ass and it seems he’s enjoying every bit of it. When I say finger, I mean just using my finger to romance the outer of his anus, not putting it in..

But am kind of scared, he really does enjoy it so I was thinking if there is any man out there who enjoys it with a woman too. a scared because am thinking he is gay/bis-exual, I know he isn’t but the thought keeps flashing through my mind.

I just want to know if its any other girl does it to their man, no pretence please, i just need answers….

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