I’m 16 and he is 31 he is my dad’s cousin brother he lives in abuja and i live in lagos he is getting married this december i fell in love with him 3 years backin 1st september 2008 and love him deeply to date my parents don’t really like him but he’s a nice guy my parents don’t know that i like him but my grandmother does he also knows that i like him i told him my self and two other of my uncles know it two three of my friends know that i like him i don’t know what to do we both have spent a lot of time together when ever he came to lagos and stayed in my grandmother’s house i went there to meet him we both used to sit alone in the bedroom and watch tv him used to hold my hand and i liked it very much he played with my hair and used to flirt with me i used to like it alot when ever i used to wear short skirt, he pulled on my skirt and brought me closer to him when he went back to abuja, we used to message all the time then my dad saw the messages and called him up and talked to him about it he is a type of a flirt i am going to attend his marriage in december what should i do i fell kind of shy around i just want to spend sometime with him so that we can talk before he gets married again he is a flirt but he has notdone anything wrong to me and he only kisses me and do a little romance, he is not awrong person he`s a really nice guy.

please how do I make the feelings go away?