Girl born with One br**st

Culled from Y! Q&A, it was posted 3 years ago, i saw a search of girl born with one b()()bs on my stats and i had to confirm if it truly exist, during my research i stumbled on the mail below which was sent in as a question on Y!.

I still can’t believe there will be a Girl Born With Only One b()()bs. please

I’m so self conscious about it. It makes me feel like I’m only half a woman. I won’t even take my shirt off during s-ex cause I don’t want my boyfriend to know. I’m 19year old so I think I’m fully developed and I was wondering if I should get surgery to correct it?? I don’t have insurance so I don’t know how I would pay for it…

I have a fully developed br**st on one side and just a nipple on the other. I hate it. I won’t even wear low cut shirts. I had to sew a pad thing into one side of my bra so noone would know. Not even my best friends

I have a c cup on one side and just a nipple of the other. Its so hard. And rare. I’ve nevere heard of anyone else with it. I feel like its a curse. My mom makes fun of me sometimes for it and has caused severe depression in my life. And with me being low income I don’t have a way to pay for surgery