This is a clear indication that we are fast approaching the end times or maybewe are there already and just need to stick around alittle longer to witness more damning manifestations.

A local court acquitted a boy of charges of raping his father’s wife after the plaintiffs retracted their earlier statements. The boy (names withheld) had been on trial following charges by his father that he had raped his wife for nearly two years under persistent threats.

The boy’s father told court that he learned ofthe R@pe after his sister-in-law caught his son and his wife in an obscene act inside her bedroom.

The father said he beat up his son after confessing to having a s-exual relationship with his wife, who is nine years older than him. Newspapers in Zimbabwe reported that the court on Tuesday acquitted the son after both the father and his wife retracted the charges.

No one could tell why the father decided to drop the charges against his son.