Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I Found My Virgin Girlfriend's Nude Pictures On A Customer's Phone

I am a phone engineer.

I was checking a customer's phone, after repairing it, i came across my girlfriend's Half Nude pictures on it.

We are into a very serious & God-governed 4years relationship.

To me she's a virgin & we only kissed once (an act that led to 2-days prayer for forgiveness).
This pictures are very recent because the fracture on her hand (which i can see in the pictures) got
there about 3months ago.

I copied those pictures but wont upload it for ethical reasons.

Don't know what to do?? Advice Me.


  1. I think you need to upload the pictures so we have a better idea of what you are dealing with.

  2. the Lord is ur muscle o.

  3. she is a pretender and a devil itself........for her to keep you off from such means she can kill better be careful when dealing with such gal.u may be updating your way to death.God forbide

  4. Beat the guys ass, give him a good, down-home southern ass whoopin that he won't soon forget. Then, depending on the type of pictures, confront her, and talk to her about it, see what she has to say, then go from there, but... DON'T get ahead of yourself.

  5. Man if I were you . I would 1st talk to the guy . And get some off your friends . And then hear how he got those pics. If you know that . Well . You can kick his ass . Or be a nice guy . Forgive and forget. And your girlfriend need some help seriously .and try 4 a woman doctor. Don't want her to get to another guy .


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