A 22-YEAR-OLD man from Gweru and his wife are battling for their lives in hospital after the wife
tried to slice off her husband’s private parts with a knife while he slept, allegedly for refusing to make love to her, police confirmed.

The man is in a coma at Gweru Provincial Hospital with his 19-year-old wife who tried to commit
suicide by drinking rat poison soon after the incident.

She is also reported to be in a critical condition. Midlands Provincial Police spokesperson,
Inspector Patrick Chademana, said the incident happened last Friday at about 7.30am at the couple’s lodgings in Mtapa high-density suburb.

He said trouble started when the husband, who had arrived from work two hours before, fell asleep despite the fact that the wife wanted to have s-ex.

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Insp Chademana said when the husband fell asleep the wife allegedly tried to slice off his private parts with a knife and he was awaked by pain from the cut.

The man eventually got assistance when a fellow tenant heard him screaming and went to investigate, after which he was rushed to Mtapa Clinic where he was subsequently transferred to
Gweru Provincial Hospital.

The young couple is said to have been having a long-standing marital dispute with the husband seeking to end the marriage.

Angry Wife Pulls Private Part of Husband’s Boss Over Non Payment Of Salary “It is said the man had told the wife before that he no longer wanted to stay with her.

A few hours after the incident the wife was picked by a passer-by lying near a farm in Montrose, just outside the city.

It is suspected that she had attempted to commit suicide by drinking poison. She is also admitted to Gweru General Hospital.

Investigations are still in progress,’’ said Insp Chademana.

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