Some guy can’t wait to read the Lies, can see you are robbing your hands too, Relas-ex it’s something you have once read but i have Remis-exed it again for you………lol.

And for the Ladies, I know am going to receive lots of critics from you on this post but before you do that, why not take a look at the lovely ones i got for you;
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Here the Top Fifteen Lies “Nigerian” Ladies Tell to their Friends/Partner
1. I have a boy friend but he is not in the country (Thunder Fire your Mouth)

2. The lecturer called me but i didn’t answer (After how many rounds?)

3. I’ve never enter public transport (But you take Campus Shuttle?)

4. Dangote is my godfather (For your dream?)

5. I shop online (What did you buy ooo?)

6. Me i really dont like Bus because of the frequent delay so i like Flights (You can as well take Flight to your Bus-stop)

7. Am not bleshing my natural color is just coming out (After countless of Tubes)

8. Am on my period (So what? Unluck anything my Guy)

9. I won’t br**st feed my baby (Your baby go Dumb pass You)

10. I went to visit a guy in abuja. He gave Me N50,000 but he didn’t touch Me. (I guess he’s your Brother/Dad)

11. I didn’t love you because of your money (But you demand for Brazilian Hair, Bb Porsche, EOD, Gucci Bag etc)

12. Am in Asuu university part 3( Do you even know what ASUU means)

13. I want my salad cold, the last one i ate was hot and i didn’t like it. (Shey Fried Salad you ate? Dumb Ass!)

14. Am not ready for a serious relationship now (At what Age?)

15. I love you too. (If I hear)

This is not a form of exaggeration, one of this is True? Which one the 15 listed would you choose?
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