We promise to bring you amazing things about guys when we shared the Full meaning of A Woman
in our previous post and now we’re fulfilling our promise by listing out precautions to Ladies and Women out there to avoid saying the below words to their Man.

Now lets see if we are on point, here are the 11 things you should avoid saying to your Man!
1. You are just like other men (So your Ex is Better?)

2. I hate your Mom, Dad, friend etc(You are going too far dear)

3. I can’t wait to see what you do for my birthday. (This sound normal but believe me, Men hate when you test their ability)

4. You’re going bald (Instead appreciate his new Style)

5. The Kitchen door is broken, so I asked my dad if he could fis-ex it (Must you introduce your parent for Irrelevant work?)

6. My friend is cheating on her man (I bet he will start suspecting you)

7. Be a man (Are you challenging him?)

8. I was reading through your e-mails/Texts Messages (99.9% of Men Hate when you invade into their privacy, free him!)

9. Listen to me! (Don’t yell at him, for sure he’s listening and he’s trying to get a solution to what you are discussing with him)

10. Talk to me (Are you commanding him? Or accusing him of going Deaf?)

11. This is your last chance (So what? Men hate when you give Ultimatum, they will make you surfer)

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