When it comes to lawlessness we know Nigeria and South American countries are always in front of the
pile, few days back a foolish igbo boy called Kelechukwu Ogbonna Orji got hold of an innocent
journalist and carried out jungle justice on him for ALLEGEDLY posting a story about Kelly Hansome begging producers for movie role (After his music
career died).

Fact has it that kelly Hansome wasnt too happy with the publication and vowed to take
the reporter down anywhere and anytime he sees him.

Mr. Hansome eventually got his wishes and when he came in contact with the said reporter he and his bunch of thugs leached on him and even forced him to take a picture with the publication in his

I am confused but if it was in a proper country like USA, Kelly Hansome should be frying in prison by now for his despicable actions.

I hope the law get hold of this criminal called Kelly Hansome before he devours another innocent soul.

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