Don’t tell us you didn’t see that coming, we even created a Poll where some People want Gay act to be welcome into the society, we got enough of them here and we’ll list few of them before you start reading the Eventual one, below are the Homos-exual post we got;
*Gay Pastor who was arrested in Lagos

*Cameroon men appeal 5yrs jail sentence for gay s-ex

*Gay Asylum Seeker deported from the Uk

*Check out Mr Dapo Adaralegbe, now Ms Stephanie Adaralegbe

*Man change private part(p*n*s) to a female own(v*rg1na)

*Canadian Beauty Queen disqualified from pageant for being born a boy

Gay men from 22 countries took part, and this year’s competition was noteworthy because it was the first time it was held on African soil. It addition, it also marked the first time that black African men participated, though there were just two.

Mr. Gay World was a five-day competition that includes a wide range of events. They included
physical fitness tests, interviews and, of course, the nightwear and
swimsuit competitions.

Andreas (Andy) Derleth is an operations project manager of Warehouse Stationery in New Zealand.

Originally from Hassfurt, Germany, Andy has a Bachelor degree in business management. He has a passion for travel and sports and participated in the 2nd Asia-Pacific Outgames and is very excited to be going to Antwerp next year for the worldOutgames.

Andy is in a long term relationship and on the 11-11-11 he entered in a same-s-ex civil union in New Zealand. Other awards presented included:

Mr. Gay Swimwear – New Zealand (Andreas Derleth)

Sports Challenge – New Zealand (Andreas Derleth)

Best Interview Challenge – New Zealand (Andreas Derleth)

Mr. Gay Formal wear – Netherlands (Thom Goderie)

Mr. Gay Congeniality – Netherlands (Thom Goderie)

Mr. Gay People’s Choice Award – Philippines (Carlito Floro Rosadino, jr)

Mr. Gay National Costume – Philippines (Carlito Floro Rosadino, jr).

Mr. Gay Photogenic – Argentina (Gonzalo Enrique Bagalor)

Mr. Gay Outreach – Czech Republic (Tomas Fryda)

Top Score in the MGW Written Exam – South Africa (Lance Weyer) 2012 Eric Butter Philanthropy Award – Coenie Kukkuk

1st Runner Up: South Africa (Lance Weyer)

2nd Runner Up: France (Remy Frejaville)

3rd Runner Up: USA (Kevin Scott Power)

4th Runner Up: Netherlands (Thom Goderie)

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