A very wonderful morning to our dear readers, we hope you all enjoyed yourself?

While you await the Aftermath of Valentines day, we’re bringing you a sadden thought that seem to have befalled the music industry after the death of Whitney Houston
I first thought to myself, did Aaron Ramsey scored again?
but i later found out Arsenal was not participating in yesternight champions league match not until today.

Surprisingly this morning, i logged on to my page on twitter, while i tried checking for the trending topics i found ”RIP chris brown” i was so shocked but i never believed it happened but i kept searching for the true source about the death of Brown.
All my effort prove to no avail not until i came across the other meaning of ”RIP= Really Inspiring Person”, which says ‘Chris Brown has to be the most annoying Twitter death yet especially when people tweet “Really Inspiring Person = RIP Chris Brown”.

After so much fun and stress yesterday, we thought we could give something to Cheer you up…lol

You can also check your twitter to see the trends.
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