Airtel Rewardz

Got a message from Airtel and i decided to share with you all, it’s all about getting great and exciting rewards with your Airtel Points.

Do you know You can use your Airtel Rewardz Points to get great rewards like;

*Return Ticket (Economic) To Dubai On Emirates Airline – Per Person (with Visa)
*3 Day Safari In Kenya –Inclusive Of Return Tickets, Accommodation, Feeding, Safari Costs And Transfers With Economy Class Ticket – Per Person
*Free entrance ticket to the comedy club – Regular Tickets – Per Person
*Weekend Trip To Obudu Cattle Ranch – Inclusive Of Return Tickets, Accommodation, Meals, Transfers With EconomyFree Tickets to the Cinema – Per Person
*Free Tickets to the Cinema – Per Person
*Visit to the Spa,
*Fridge (Table Top)
*Home Theater
*32inch LCD TV
*21inch TV
*Regular TV
*Digital Camera
*Car Stereo

*Shuffle 1GB

*Food Processor
*Singer Domestic Sewing Machine 15ch.1b)
*0.95kva Generator
*Rechargeable Lamp
*DVD Player
*Portable CD Player (LG stores only), *Ipod Nano 8GB e.t.c

I got this message on my phone some few days back “Dear Customer, Please redeem free Airtime with your points. Points will expire after 15th March, 2012. Visit for details”.

Am sure most of the Airtel subscribers got this same message and majority would have proceed to their website to learn more about it but they end up bouncing out because they don’t know how to go about or they felt lost.

Never mind, we shall be sharing the steps to follow to get this wonderful rewards and how to enroll if you have not activated it before the deadline on 15th March, 2012. Enroll with by dialing *141*797*1# (for those who have not activated it)

Follow this steps to get yours and share your views about what you are planning to get from them after checking your Rewardz points.

How to check your Rewardz points.

Dial *141*797*2# for overall or use *141*797*3# to check the one you got for today only, by now you should have know the points you have accumulated i.e using *141*797*2# which is meant for overall, you can write this point somewhere.

NOTE: We are refering you to the list on Airtel website to get your Rewardz CODE, when you get the code, Text RD (Space) REWARDz CODE to 797 e.g RD LCD to 797.
Get your rewardz code HERE

You can also LEARN MORE HERE
Feel free to ask questions if you are not cleared and don’t enjoy this rewards alone, share it to your friends out there so that they can also win amazing Trips, Electronics, Events etc