Just when DStv audiences thought that
they had seen all the incredible twists
and turns that mega-hit reality-TV
franchise Big Brother Africa could
possibly include, M-Net’s sensational
series has pulled off another huge

And you know it’s a massive
announcement when even the fact that
this season’s brand new cash prize of a
cool USD 300 000 isn’t the headline-
grabbing news!

Grabbing that honor is the revelation
from series producers that this season,
entrants must DOUBLE-UP to compete.
This means that anyone who wants to
enter season 7 must partner with
another person to enter as a pair!
So whether you enter with your best
friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad,
brother, sister, boss, husband, wife,
neighbor, hairdresser, whomever…you
must just make sure that you enter as a
pair. So who will take the journey of a
lifetime with you? Remember you may
have to spend a long time with them in
the house so choose carefully!
PLUS, in another bold change, Big
Brother Africa welcomes two new
countries Liberia and Sierra Leone to the
Big Brother house for the first time ever,
while this time round, Ethiopia bows out
of the game and Mozambique will take
on a new role that will be announced at
a later stage.

That means that this year, if you want to
enter Big Brother Africa you can do so if
you and your partner are citizens from
one of the following participating
countries: Angola, Botswana, Ghana,
Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Namibia,
Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa,
Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and

Both partners must come from the same
country, must be 21 years or older, must
be fluent in English and must have a
valid passport.

How to Apply
Interested persons can collect an entry
form from the nearest MultiChoice office
in their country anytime from February
5. Alternatively you can also enter by
logging on to www.mnetafrica.com/
and completing an entry
form online. Or download an entry form
from the website, complete and email it
back to bba@endemol.co.za.

All online
entry forms will also be available from
February 5. Whatever you choose to do,
do it fast because the deadline for
entries is February 27, 2012!
And remember that, as with previous
seasons, entrants must be fun-loving,
vocal, creative, original and articulate. In
addition all entrants must the social
flexibility to live in close pros-eximity with
others and must be tolerant of views
and lifestyle choices other than their

Commenting on the surprise turn of
events, M-Net Africa Managing Director
Biola Alabi says, “We are thrilled to be
offering a huge, new, USD 300 000 prize
and to include two new countries who
were chosen to participate based on
their ongoing interest in the series and
their growing DStv audiences. And while
Ethiopia won’t have a housemate this
year, we’ll look to include them and
other non-housemate countries in other
ways if the opportunity arises, as we do
every season.

We are and have always
been proudly committed to making this
a truly African show. And as for
Mozambique, they will be included with
a housemate – but that’s all we are
saying at the moment!”
She goes on to say, “Of course, the really
big news this season is that entrants
must enter as pairs.

In the past we’ve
seen a natural and continuous cross-
over between individuals and their
families, their friends. So this year, we
decided to include that as part of the
game. It will definitely make a dramatic
addition to the series so we urge people
to enter and experience what will be a
uniquely different Big Brother Africa!”

So with just days to go until the official
start of Big Brother Africa 7, start
thinking about who you want to share
this amazing adventure with. Then make
sure you enter AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Produced for M-Net by Endemol South
Africa, the new season of Big Brother
Africa will be headline sponsored by
Coca-Cola for the second consecutive
year and will be screened to 47
countries across the continent, live 24/7
for 91 days on DStv channel 198. The
series starts Sunday May 6 2012.