Tuesday, 16 September 2014

MUST READ: Dr. Ada Igonoh Who Survived The Ebola Disease Tells Inspiring Story

On the night of Sunday July 20, 2014, Patrick Sawyer was wheeled into the Emergency Room at First Consultants Medical Centre, Obalende, Lagos, with complaints of fever and body weakness. 

The male doctor on call admitted him as a case of malaria and took a full history. Knowing that Mr Sawyer had recently arrived from Liberia, the doctor asked if he had been in contact with an Ebola patient in the last couple of weeks, and Mr. Sawyer denied any such contact. He also denied attending any funeral ceremony recently. Blood samples were taken for full blood count, malaria parasites, liver function test and other baseline investigations. He was admitted into a private room and started on antimalarial drugs and analgesics. That night, the full blood count result came back as normal and not indicative of infection.

Smart Guy Leaks Ghanaian Runs Girl Freak Show Online [DOWNLOAD VIDEO]

From what we gathered from our source; A smart naija guy claiming to be from the US le*ked the video online.
You won't believe what many girls do just to earn money from the person they meet online. See it when you

White House Makes It Official : US “at War” With Islamic State Radicals, IS

The White House declared Friday the United States was at war with Islamic State radicals, seeking to rub out another semantic flap over its Syria policy. In a series of television interviews Secretary of State John Kerry had appeared to be reluctant to term the expansion of US operations against IS in Iraq and Syria as “war.”
But pressed to clear up doubts about how President Barack Obama sees the conflict, the White House and Pentagon left little doubt. “The United States is at war with ISIL in the same way that we are at war with Al-Qaeda and its Al- Qaeda affiliates all around the globe,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

See What A Prostitute Did To A Married Man Who Refused To Pay Her For Services Rendered In Public [PHOTO]

It's really a big time disgrace; a woman for that matter, made a married man to sit down in a dirty road for people to mock.
This man didn't have money to pay an 'ashawo' that serviced him, and this strong fearless woman decided to teach him a lesson of his life that he will never forget till he meets his ancestors.
See how she messed him up in front of everybody when you

Monday, 15 September 2014

Ten (10) Things Ladies Do After A Break-up [MUST READ]

1. DELETE HIS NUMBER: This is always the first move. As soon as the guy breaks their heart, the next thing is to delete his number. But you know what’s annoying about this? It doesn’t change anything because we still have the ex’s phone number stored up in our brains. Ask them in five years, they still remember!
2. THEY BECOME RELATIONSHIP EXPERTS: I know most people can relate to this. We all have that friend who had a bad break up and next thing, she thinks she has a BSc in dating. Relationships become her favourite topic. She suddenly wants to give relationship advice at the slightest chance, even if hers did not work. She knows how not to date a guy.

OMG!! Teenager Faces 2-Year Jail Time For Simulating Oral S*x With Jesus’ Statue [PHOTOS]

A 14-year old from Everett, Pennsylvania has caused a stir and is facing prison time for hopping in front of a Jesus statue in front of an organization called “Love in the Name of Christ”, and simulated oral s*x before posting the picture to Facebook which caught the attention of others before finding its way to authorities.
According to Mother Jones, officials have charged the teenager whose name has not been released, with desecration of a venerated object which according to a 1972 Pennsylvania statute criminalizes “defacing, damaging, polluting or otherwise physically mistreating in a way that the actor knows will outrage the sensibilities of persons likely to observe or discover the action.” and the culprit might be facing up to 2 years in juvenile detention.

LEAKED: Man Captured His Wife Cheating With Another Man Via Whatsapp [PHOTO]

Mr Lambert a citizen of Uganda, busted his wife, Mrs Lambert "Live" cheating with different men via whatsapp.
According to him, he said that he has always suspected his wife of cheating on him due to her unending midnight chats. She could barely sleep at night.

A married woman chatting all through the night? Hmmm! So Mr Lambert, secretly went through her whatsapp messages when she was taking her bath, and was really heartbroken by the kind of unfaithful chats she was engaged in.

Gravedigger Takes Photo With Rotting Corpse He'd Just Dug Up From Ground [GRAPHIC PIX]

55 year old Celestino Reyna (pictured right) has been suspended for digging up a corpse at the cemetary in Guardamar del Segura, near Alicante on the Costa Blanca, and allowing people pose next to it.
He's pictured above smiling with the dead man and his nephew after digging up the body to rebury it in the same grave as the deceased's wife.

Mother of 4 'Broke Into Man's Apartment Pinned Him Down And R@ped Him While He Slept' [PHOTO]

26-year-old Seattle woman Chantae Gilman is facing r@pe charges after a man alleged he woke up to find her on top of him in his apartment, pinning his arms down .
26-year-old Seattle woman Chantae Gilman is facing rape charges after a man alleged he woke up to find her on top of him in his apartment, pinning his arms down.

Check Out The World’s Biggest Python Snake Spotted By Construction Workers [PHOTO]

A giant snake that is believed to be one of the biggest in the world has been captured.

The size of this snake is quite unbelievable and may just be one of those rare stories we read. However, we found out that the story behind this snake was fake, the image may be indeed be real but the size could have been exaggerated due to the angle of the camera.

'How T.B. Joshua Took My Wife And Shunned My Dying Father' – Pastor Peter Kayode Tells It All

Pastor Peter Kayode Falarungbon is the Head Pastor of Awakeners Chapel International. He was the first Head Pastor of the Ghana branch of T.B. Joshua's Church, Synagogue Church of All Nations.
In the latest edition of the world acclaimed Nigerian Religious magazine-Lifeway, Pastor Kayode reveals how the Head Pastor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua, the man whose 'spiritual prowess' has kept the Ghanaian presidency in bondage, virtually sent him into exile in Ghana in order to have canal knowledge of his (Pastor Kayode's) wife-Lola.

Runs Babe Caught Sleeping With A Mad Man Confesses It Was For A Ritual [PHOTO]

A Runs girl was caught sleeping with a mad man, she was caught at night by some vigilantee group, she confess that girls now sleep with mad men so that they can get customer and also they keep coming to them, she also said that they make little money from the business.
According to what we gathered on gistplanet.com, the lady delivers 65 percentage of the money she earn to her big mummy i.e her boss.
See her when you

Popular Mysterious Twins, Known As ‘Ibeji Oran’ In Yoruba Genre Of Nollywood Is Dead?

An unconfirmed report has it that one of the duos of Taiwo and Kehinde Osuolale, the popular mysterious twins, known as ‘Ibeji Oran’ in Yoruba genre of Nollywood is dead, Yoruba Movie Gist reported.
The specific one who died among the twins is yet to be ascertained as at press time.
The mysterious twins who shot themselves into limelight several years back when they featured in the late Yekini Ajileye’s movie and thereafter became instant celebrities.

MUST READ: Real Stories Behind Famous Name!

Have you ever wonder how they got all of this cool name that we are familiar with every day?
Well, the following highlighted some of the famous name. I was surprised that some of the well known names emerge out of some unexpected predicament.

REVEALED: Shocking Video of the Helicopter That Crashed TB Joshua's Building In Lagos Released

Within minutes, a strange aircraft hover around the six-storey building being constructed as a guest house at the premises of Prophet TB Joshua's Synagogue Church in Lagos.
However, a secret CCTV camera caught the aircraft on all the moves it made over the building and moments later, the building crashed. All those in church were shocked as TB Joshua played the video for everyone to see.

BREAKING NEWS: Boko Haram Kidnap Another 50 Women In Adamawa

Reports coming in states that Boko Haram fighter have reportedly kidnapped hundreds of people including women and children across Northern Adamawa State.
According to Daily Trust, Residents who got free and ran away said that the group kidnapped at least about 50 young women in Gulak town on saturday as the victims were assembled at a preaching ground.

SAD: Death Toll Now 40 In Synagogue Building Collapse, NEMA Says

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) says the death toll in the Synagogue Church building collapse in the Ikotun area of Lagos has risen to 40.
"It’s now 40 dead,” NEMA southwest coordinator Ibrahim Farinloye, told AFP by text message. 124 people have so far been rescued alive from the rubble of the building said to be a guesthouse for foreign followers of the church.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Medical Student Dies Of Heart Attack While Looking At 'S*xy Magazine ' [PHOTO]

A Chinese medical student died of a heart attack while looking at a 's*xy magazine' in a sperm bank - on his fourth visit to the centre in just over a week.
According to the Changjiang Times: Zheng Gang, 23, was found dead in a private booth of a fertility clinic at Wuhan University after nurses noticed he was spending longer than usual producing his sample.

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